ECONYL®, regenerated nylon

All our creations are made of ECONYL® , this excellent quality nylon fiber, made from 100% waste: fishing nets and other nylons.

Here are the 4 stages of its conception by Aquafil, an innovative Italian circular economy company .

ECONYL® Process_Short_RGB.jpg

1. Waste collection
Aquafil works with partners around the world including the Net-Works and Healthy Seas initiatives.

With 170 divers and more than 600 fishermen, recovering any abandoned fishing nets so that they are then recycled and regenerated into new nylon ECONYL®.

Healthy Seas divers
fishing net - ECONYL®
fishing net collected - ECONYL®

Aquafil also collects end-of-life fishing nets from the aquaculture industry, rather than ending up in landfills.
And a large part of their used waste also comes from other nylon-based products: rugs, carpets, etc. in production offcuts or used to recycle.

2. Regeneration
The different types of waste are then separated in order to keep only nylon 6 , the rest is sent to other supply chains.
The nylon waste is then cleaned, compacted and sent to the ECONYL® regeneration plant.
It is the depolymerization process that allows it to return to the state of raw material, removing all foreign substances for a 100% pure quality .

3. Transformation
This is the stage where the regenerated raw material allows the creation of a new nylon of equal quality to the first. The yarn obtained will then be woven to be used in the manufacture of sportswear, swimsuits, carpets, rugs, etc.

ECONYL® polymer
ECONYL® pure yarn
ECONYL® yarn coloured

4. New creations

F2M wanted to create UV protection tops from recycled materials. Thanks to ECONYL® nylon, we were able to do this by participating in the recycling of fishing nets and other nylons.

Eco-designed, with sustainable properties and guaranteeing maximum UPF50 + UV protection without chemical additives, our creations also help clean the oceans!

Haut anti-uv Homme F2M
Haut anti-uv Enfant F2M
Haut anti-uv Ado vert F2M
Haut anti-uv Femme F2M
Haut anti-uv Ado F2M